• Pinbrew Fest : The Games
    April 4-6 2024, Metroplex, Girard, OH
  • Pinbrew Fest : The Beer
    April 4-6 2024, Metroplex, Girard, OH
    Supporting Ally Anderson ARMS Research Fund

Apr 04

Welcome to day one of PINBREW3. We are thrilled to bring you this exciting new show! Pinball, Craft Beer, Arcades, Great Food and so much more. All games on free play!

Opening Day

Apr 05

The fun begins at 10AM, 9AM for you VIP's. Pinball all day WOW! Thirsty? Craft beer starts pouring at Noon! Hungry? We got you covered. Maybe consider participating in one of our tournaments. Come check out "Hardtop Row".

Day Two

Apr 06

The weekend's here! Bring the whole family. Introduce the kids to the wonderful world of pinball. From the newest pinball machines to some you may have played when you were a kid. It's all here! Enjoy some of the finest Craft Beers in Ohio.

Day Three

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